Terme di Saturnia

Saturnia has been famous since Roman times. The Terme di Saturnia with its five-star spa and the free Cascate del Mulino waterfalls offer a range of unmissable opportunities. During your vacation in the Maremma Toscana, you can’t miss a relaxing dip in the miraculous waters of Saturnia.

Tuscany hosts one of the most important thermal basins in Europe, a precious resource of well-being in one of the most fascinating regions of Italy. Set among breathtaking panoramas, the thermal springs of Tuscany are places of pure well-being where “miraculous” waters offer pleasant days.


Saturnia hosts the most famous thermal baths in Tuscany and is also one of the most interesting villages to visit in the Maremma.

Saturnia is one of the oldest cities in Italy. The presence of a settlement during the Neolithic period and in the Villanovan period is documented.

During the period of Etruscan domination, Saturnia was placed under the control of the powerful Caletra. The most important necropolises of the territory date back to this period, the oldest dating back to the 8th century BC. The first curtain wall of the city, built in the 2nd century BC, dates back to the Etruscan period.

With the fall of the city of Vulci, in 183 BC, Saturnia came under the control of the Roman Empire and the triumvirs Labeo, Stellio and Gracco founded the Sabatina colony. Starting from 570, Saturnia was invaded by the Lombards and then by the Saracens, in medieval times it was governed by the Aldobrandeschi and in 1272, it gained independence. In 1293, Saturnia hosted the wedding of Margherita Aldobrandeschi and Count Guido di Montfort. In 1461, Saturnia was conquered by the Sienese and after the fall of the Sienese power, it passed to the Medici of Florence.

Today the village of Saturnia is one of the most interesting in Tuscany. Its history lives on in the streets of the town, with many monuments and buildings to discover.

The Church of Santa Maria Maddalena is the only church in the town. It stands near the walls and the Porta Romana. Its construction dates back to 1188, when it was described as a “Pieve” by Pope Clement III. Inside the church you can admire some interesting works of art, a painting depicting the Madonna with Child between Saints Sebastian and Mary Magdalene, attributed to the Sienese painter Benvenuto di Giovanni and dating back to the late fifteenth century, two paintings of St. Francis of Assisi and a Saint Bishop by Ilario Casolani, a painter of the Sienese school, a wooden tabernacle with painted images of Saints Clare and Elizabeth of Hungary.

The wall dates back to the Etruscan-Roman period. 2nd century BC, it was restored during the Government of the Republic of Siena. Part of the curtain wall is the Roman Gate, one of the main entrance points in to the city, and built on a part of the route of the ancient Via Clodia.

Terme di Saturnia

The waters of Saturnia have been known and appreciated since ancient times. The Romans exploited their beneficial and curative properties and created the first public baths.

Regarding the origins of these waters, there is a beautiful legend that attributes their creation to the god Saturn. Legend has it that the god was so angry with the men who were in constant war with each other, that exasperatedly he decided to throw lightning into the earth to punish them, but the thunderbolt tore the ground and generated a source of hot water surrounded by steam, which appeased the souls of man and give rise to wiser and more peaceful generations.

Today the waters of the Terme di Saturnia are known throughout the world for their beneficial properties on the skin, on respiration and circulatory systems.

Saturnia’s water is classified as sulfur-carbonic-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline and is earthy and very rich in hydrogen sulfide, minerals and carbon dioxide. These waters are also unique because they contain Thermal Plankton, an element that contributes their skin curative properties. The water of the Terme di Saturnia starts on the summit of Monte Amiata, an ancient extinct volcano, and after a long underground path, reach Saturnia from its natural source at a constant temperature of 37.5°C.

These waters have numerous beneficial properties:

DERMATOLOGY: dermatitis, dermatosis, mycosis, acne, psoriasis and eczema
RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: bronchitis and rhino-sinuso-bronchial syndromes
OTORINOLARINGOIATIA: pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and tonsillitis
DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: dyspepsias, constipation and dyslipidemia
VASCULAR SYSTEM: vasculopathies and ven-lymphatic insufficiencies
LOCOMOTOR SYSTEM: arthrosis, rheumatism, post-traumatic outcomes and paramorphisms

At the Saturnia thermal park there are four outdoor pools, a spring-water pool, whirlpool, waterfalls, a wellness center and a 18-hole PAR72 golf course.

A few minutes from the Terme di Saturnia, the beautiful Cascate del Mulino are the most famous free spa in Tuscany. Already at first glance, this place will capture you with its simple beauty. The waterfall pours sulfur water continuously into pools naturally carved over the centuries in travertine. There is a wonderful colour contrast between the blue of the water, the white of the rock and the green of the surrounding vegetation.

The waterfalls are free spas, which means that entry is free! They are always open day and night. A dip at night is by far the most beautiful experience in Saturnia, a moment of magical relaxation warmed by the thermal waters at 37.5°C with the sound of flowing water and the silence of the uncontaminated nature of the Tuscan Maremma…

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The Terme di Saturnia are one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen … nature here has created a small wellness oasis totally at no cost, and the natural pools are truly unique! I would definitely recommend it for a relaxing day.

Terme di Saturnia
A day in Saturnia
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A magical weekend at the Terme di Saturnia, one of the most beautiful thermal parks I’ve ever visited, the spring pool is then a real wonder! The beneficial effects of water on the skin are immediate, you come out rejuvenated! Definitely try!

Terme di Saturnia
Saturnia and its hot springs
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We were in Saturnia a few days ago and it was a beautiful experience, the thermal waters really have beneficial properties and on the skin they act immediately, it is immediately smoother! After the bath we went to visit the town of Saturnia and we took advantage of it for a dinner, even the excellent one!

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