Sea in the Tuscan Maremma

Pristine beaches, breathtaking cliffs, headlands and archipelagos. The Maremman coast offers an enviable variety of options: Uccellina, Argentario, Isola del Giglio, Feniglia, Giannella and many other options that make the Maremma a paradise for lovers of the sea and diving.

The coastal stretch of the Maremma is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in all of Tuscany. The coastline stretches for about 160 kilometers, changing many landscapes, from thin sands to cliffs overlooking the sea, from small bays to large sandy expanses. .. an extraordinary variety to experience the sea in many different ways.

One element is common to all the beaches of the Maremma, the purity, whether you are in the more famous Capalbio, Castiglione della Pescaia, Punta Ala and Porto Ercole, or in the wilder and isolated coves of the Argentario, you will be struck by the clarity of the waters.

But which are the most beautiful beaches in the Tuscan Maremma?


Talamone is undoubtedly one of the most famous seaside resorts in the Maremma, a characteristic village of ancient charm, overlooking the waters of the Parco della Maremma … a true wonder! The Gulf of Talamone is home to several very particular and different beaches.

In the northern part of Talamone there are mainly stretches of rocks and rocky bottoms, ideal for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts, moving instead to the south, you come across a long sandy expanse, this part is particularly suitable for families with children and for lovers of water sports, in fact there is a windsurfing and kitesurfing center.

Among the most beautiful beaches of Talamone surely the Bagno delle Donne, a small cove of rocks where the sea takes on a wonderful turquoise color, is easily reached along a short dirt road.

Parco della Maremma

The Parco della Maremma is home to 25 kilometers of beaches, a coastline that runs from Talamone to Principina a Mare, crossing one of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Tuscany.

Cala di Forno

It is the southernmost beach of the entire park, it can only be accessed by sea or on foot, from the visitor center two paths start to reach the beach, the walk is not very difficult but quite long, about 10km. Perhaps the path is a bit long but it will certainly be worth it … a path immersed in the Mediterranean scrub that leads to a hidden cove of fine sand and crystal clear water, where you will surely encounter roe deer and wild boar that walk undisturbed. High up on a small hill, you can also see the Cala di Forno Tower.

Marina of Alberese

It is probably the most famous of the beaches in the park and certainly the easiest to reach, it is possible to do so by bike or on foot, or take the shuttle. The beach is wonderful and is what you expect when you come to the Maremma … pristine and wild, here there are no traces of establishments, the beach is completely free, an endless expanse of white sand interspersed with imposing logs, trees and branches carried from the sea – use them to build a small hut that shelters you from the sun, protected on one side by the green Mediterranean scrub and on the other by the turquoise waters of the Maremma coast.


South of Marina di Alberese, in the park, is the Collelungo Beach. The beach is quiet and uncrowded, ideal for those who want to spend a relaxing day in one of the most fascinating places in the Maremma. This beautiful beach is enclosed by imposing cliffs, dominated by thick Mediterranean vegetation and the Collelungo Tower. The beach is easily reachable by following the A2 route (The Towers of the Maremma Natural Park) which starts at the Alberese visitor center, of about 5.8 km but is often closed from June to September due to fire hazards and it is necessary to choose the path that starts from Marina di Alberese, about 2 kilometers long.


Giannella is one of the two tomboli of the Argentario (the other is the Feniglia), a long and thin strip of land, in this case 6km long, which connects the promontory of Monte Argentario, with the mouth of the Albegna river. The tombolo faces the north-western side on the waters of the Argentario Coast, and on the south-eastern side on the Lagoon of Orbetello.

The stretch of beach bathed by the sea is one of the most characteristic of this part of Tuscany, 6 kilometers of uninterrupted thin beach bathed by the calm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with a privileged view over Porto Santo Stefano and the islands of Giglio and Montecristo (in the particularly clear days you can see Elba and Corsica). The beach is perfect for those who love tranquility, with numerous establishments with bars, restaurants and services.


As mentioned previously, the second tombolo that connects the Argentario to the mainland is that of the Feniglia. The Feniglia tombolo is about 6km long. Since 1971, the Feniglia is included in the Natural Reserve of Duna Feniglia, as a protected natural area.

Access to the beach is free, you can reach it on foot or by bicycle or by car along the Via Aurelia and following the exit for Ansedonia.

Inside the protected reserve there is a dirt road, closed to car traffic and passable only by bike or on foot, on one side you can reach the sea, on the other the Levante Lagoon of Orbetello.

There are several exits for the sea, the first also houses a factory with restaurant, the others, at a distance of at least 1km from each other, are wilder. Along the path that leads to the beach, you can meet the friendly roe deer that populate the reserve.


When one thinks of the Maremman sea, the Argentario immediately comes to mind, in fact here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany. From the Argentario promontory, following the scenic route, you can admire a breathtaking view of the sea, with the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, and on a clear day, Elba and Corsica, from the belvedere at the Monastery of the Passionist Fathers, you have a beautiful view of Orbetello and its lagoon. The beaches of the Argentario are among the most beautiful in Tuscan coast, varied by type – sandy, rocks and pebbles – passing from hidden coves to the most famous beaches, to satisfy every need!

Cala del Gesso

It is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Argentario, is located about 6km from Porto Santo Stefano and can be reached from the panoramic road, following the signs for Cala Moresca and then for Via dei Pionieri, from here you continue on foot along a path about 700 meters quite challenging, or by sea. The beach is wild and unspoiled, perhaps because it is not easy to reach. There are no refreshment points and establishments, the beach is totally free. The sea is emerald, clear and crystalline, ideal for those who enjoy snorkelling.

Mar Morto

The beach of the Mar Morto is one of the wildest of the Argentario promontory, it can be reached from the panoramic road from Porto Santo Stefano and passed the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola, continue on the left and continue for 4.3km, yes leave the car and proceed on foot along a path of about 500 meters. The show is wonderful, a natural reef has created many pools where the water is always warm and calm. The beach is ideal for snorkelling, its waters are in fact considered the most beautiful of the Argentario, with a great variety of ecosystems to discover.

La Cacciarella

It is the first beach you come across taking the panoramic road from Porto Santo Stefano, it is a very small beach, of fine sand set between two imposing cliffs, totally free, there are no refreshment points and establishments. From the panoramic road, just walk 500 meters along a fairly easy path. The water is blue and crystal clear and the seabed is wonderful, don’t forget to bring a mask and snorkel with you! At a depth of about 15 meters there is also the statue of Christ the Redeemer, the exact point is indicated by a plaque placed on the rocks. For the more adventurous, in the cliff on the right there is the Grotta del Turco, the native legend that hid fishermen here with their boat to escape the Saracen pirates.

Cala Grande

It is one of the most famous and popular of the Argentario, easily visible from the panoramic route immediately after the Curva Buozzi. The cove is sheltered from the wind, so the waters are almost always calm, so much so that many boats are anchored there. Leaving the panoramic road you have to follow the path for about 500 meters, passing also through a luxuriant Mediterranean bush of holm oaks, the path is of medium difficulty. The beach is free and there are no establishments and refreshment points. The waters are calm, warm and clear, ideal for a day of snorkelling!

Le Cannelle

Another beautiful Argentario beach that can be reached from the panoramic road from Porto Santo Stefano, go past the junction for the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola, continue on the left and continue for another 5 km, then leave the car near the pedestrian crossing and take 150 meters of paved road. You will recognize the beach because on the left is the Torre delle Cannelle, dating back to the period of Spanish domination. The beach is pebble and the waters, as for the whole of the Silver Coast, are breathtakingly beautiful.

L’Acqua Dolce

This beach can be reached from Porto Ercole, following the signs for the Hotel Pellicano, once you arrive at the hotel, continue along a path on the left for about 100 meters. It is a free beach but it is possible to rent umbrellas and sunbeds at the establishment. The beach is sandy with pebbles.

Spiaggia Lunga

One of the most famous of Porto Ercole, reachable from the panoramic road from Porto Ercole along 1.5km, just before the junction for Forte Stella. Leave the car and continue on foot following a fairly demanding 200 meters long path. The sea is an intense turquoise, clear and crystalline, ideal for those who want to admire the seabed, the beach is mainly sandy.

Cala Galera

Probably one of the most exclusive of the Argentario, it is located between the port of Cala Galera and Poggio Pertuso, can be reached from the panoramic road following the signs for Cala Galera, leave the car in the parking lot and walk a short distance – about 100 meters – on foot. The beach has a free part and one with an equipped establishment. The waters are very low and particularly clear, it is possible to reach the nearby beach of Feniglia by foot.

A day in Feniglia
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La Feniglia is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches of the Maremma, it is a protected area and therefore nature is still wild, moreover if you take the path from Ansedonia, with a walk of several kilometers, you will meet the roe deer that live free in the park. .. a unique emotion!

Spiaggia della Feniglia
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Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this beach, as indeed of all the Argentario … a bit challenging to reach it but once it will have been worth it! The rocks create a natural barrier and at the same time a pool of calm and transparent water … fantastic!

Spiaggia del Mar Morto
Beautiful Beaches
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In the Maremma Park you can breathe the atmosphere of other times, the stress and worries of everyday life disappear as soon as you see the crystal clear sea, the endless expanse of sand – with the delightful huts of branches and tree trunks – and the dense maquis!

Spiagge Parco della Maremma / Parco della Maremma