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Produced with olives harvested in our centuries-old olive groves, Poggiolivi extra virgin olive oil has an intense character that releases the flavor of the earth.

Poggiolivi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in Maremma using only its own olives produced in the olive groves that my family has been caring for since 1943 when my grandfather arrived on this farm.
To ensure maximum traceability to guarantee a purely artisanal product, I keep the secrets handed down to me of a cultivation without quality compromises for a natural oil par excellence.
Poggiolivi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained directly from olives by mechanical means, therefore no chemical products are used at any stage of processing.
The olive grove is made up of 1500 olive trees of the cultivars, that is the type of plants, Leccino 70% Frantoiano 20% and Pendolino 10% combination from which an EVO oil with a very balanced and delicate taste is obtained, suitable for all types of dishes.
The harvest takes place in mid-October when the olives have reached 50% of their state of ripeness, using a manual method.
The cold pressing and extraction of the Extra Virgin Oil takes place at the oil mill located in Basse di Caldana (Gr) which is equipped with the most modern technology, minimizing the oxidation and washout processes of the healthful compounds of the oil.
In fact, they are present in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
polyphenols which give the characteristic bitter and spicy taste and which are beneficial to health. Polyphenols have antioxidant properties, so they fight the body’s “free radicals”.
Furthermore, the unsaturated fatty acids naturally present in EVO oil, in particular oleic acid, have the property not only of reducing the level of bad cholesterol, but also of raising that of good cholesterol.

All this makes the Extra Virgin Olive Oil more assimilable also facilitating the transport of the vitamins it contains, thus contributing to a healthy and balanced diet.


Italian extra virgin olive oil
3 lt or 5 lt – 2022/2023 harvest campaign
Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil I.G.P
0,5 lt bottle – 2022/2023 harvest campaign


3 lt or 5 lt – 2022/2023 harvest campaign

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